...It has been awhile since we spoke about the progression of Tripp Apparel™ as well as the direction we plan to take it. In it's infant stage of two shirts a month the brand was merely a hobby of mine. More or less a tool to sharpen my skills as a trained graphic designer. Four years later, with the help and support of friends, fans, and family, we present to you our Season collection.

As any company we start out not knowing where the road takes us. To see how much we are growing and realize that we took strides instead of baby steps to reach our goal. Our collection forecasts the natural progression in the brand, in our lifestyle, and us as human beings. We know the heritage of Tripp Apparel™ and do our best to not stray away from what got us here and fulfill the great task of bringing our customer something fresh, new, and different.

We hope that you enjoy our product as much as we did creating it. Our passion, soul, heart, and minds have gone into every aspect of our creation and we thank you again for getting us here.

-Jonathon Tetsuya Tripp

"Tripp Apparel™ started off with a dream and little to no money. Not a rich kid, no investors, just a drive and a will to do whatever it takes to make it happen. You can do anything you put your mind to. Never defeat yourself!"

The Logo
The logo is a conceptual design that depicts the bull. The face of the bull is made of the letter "T' that stands for Tripp, Taurus and the year it was founded in, the bull. The bull alone is a metaphoric meaning for strength and stability. The bull wont budge.

The horns are slightly devilish to represent our edge. If you mess with this bull, you WILL get the horns. Underneath the bull head is the jagged beard, this represents our maturity. The diamond at the bottom represents our goals. It is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The diamond also represents the sparkle and shine we represent in the quality of our clothing.

Life's a Tripp, Tripp forever™.